Tech Ex Institute

Join our community of driven, tech entrepreneurs today, and learn how to successfully take your startup to the next level!
Tech Ex Institute
A tech entrepreneur mentor platform for startups in search for gaining knowledge of the tech industry. At Tech Ex Institute, we provide strategic ground rules of tech entrepreneurship through 3 valuable lessons: creating your app idea, building it, and raising money from investors to scale your vision to the world. We provide you with resources to assist you in succeeding tremendously in this field!
Private Community
An online community of like-minded, tech entrepreneurs providing knowledge and support.
Extensive Training
In-depth briefing of the 10-step lesson plan within our Startup Pitch Bible.
Product Development
Modify and expand on the ideas of your tech startup.
Connect founders with investors for funding opportunities.
Simple pricing.
Includes access to our private group, the Startup Pitch Bible, and the Investor Q&A Flashcards.
+ $25 Monthly Fee
Q&A Consulting
Intense session for a more in-depth briefing of the 10-step lesson plan within the Startup Pitch Bible.
One time fee.
Creative Lab
1-hour call focused on product development to modify and expand on the ideas of your tech startup.
One time fee.
Investor List
Personalized investor list based on your startup’s needs and industry.
*Must qualify.
Startup Bible Training
Comprehensive training via Skype for 3-4 hours, detailing the lessons described in the Startup Pitch Bible. 
One time fee.
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